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Rob Fox

Promax UK Learning & Development Director
Head of Creative – Channel 5


Rob has been running courses for Promax UK for the past 3 years as well as overseeing the Channel 5 creative team. He has over 20 years of broadcasting experience having originally studied to be a journalist and progressed from there into the creative teams in Sky and eventually Channel 5. He has also managed teams across Europe for a variety of brands including Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon and Paramount. Within a training capacity he has worked on courses ranging from copywriting, pitching and creating content for digital through to directing, design and crafting 360 campaigns.


Boot Camp Workshop
Part 01: Find the Write Copy

It’s one of the most important parts of any creative. Your campaign can look absolutely amazing, it can have been executed brilliantly but if the line on the end is naff. Then you’re toast. It’s all anyone will remember it for.

This is a chance to make sure that your creative doesn’t fall at the final hurdle.

From the basics of making sure the information is clear to how to really craft and enhance a line, this session will tap into every aspect of copywriting and is peppered with examples of brilliant executions (plus a few that didn’t quite work…..) throughout.

We’ll look at different audiences, different territories and different mediums. As well tips and tricks like the power of three.

And most crucially how to make more impact with your copy. The rules are there to be broken.

Part 02: From Pencil to Paper to Pitch

A blank A4 sheet of pristine paper sits on the desk. And it needs filling with a whole load of ideas. This is a session that combines the power of Marketing and the power of Creative to make sure that blank piece of paper gets filled with original, innovative and on brand ideas.

How to make the brief a tool to ignite creativity.

How to find a spark and turn it into a multitude of ideas.

How to stretch, refine and enhance those ideas.

And crucially how to sell those ideas in as executions.

Learn from both sides of the spectrum as we look at examples of brilliant briefs and how they were wrote as well as brilliant creative and how it was conceived.