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Lisa Frederickson

Creative Director


Lisa is a Creative Director who has headed up Creative teams both in the UK and Australia – where she led Promax ANZ’s ‘Creative Team of the Year 2019’ at Foxtel.  She has also worked at Discovery Channel, Comedy Channel and Channel 9. She was named Australia’s ‘Creative of the Year’  at the Astra awards, has picked up over 50 Promax awards, 2 Clio’s, Kinsale Sharks and a Cannes Lion. She loves bold, cut-through ideas – she who dares, wins!   She also loves to play the ukulele and a nice cup of tea. Often at the same time.


Webinar: Covid & Creativity
LIVE at 3:00 p.m. IST / 5:30 p.m. (GMT+8) on Thursday, June 4

Hosted By: Tim Hughes, Founder of The Brief Doctor
Joined By: Craig Black, Designer, Lettering Artist, Typographer
                    Dan Aldridge, Senior Creative Director, Warner Media
                    Joe Goddard, Director Asia Pacific of James & Wilkinson Media
                    Pauline Russell, Creative Director of The Brief Doctor

In this exclusive round-table webinar, Promax industry leaders discuss how Covid is affecting them, their teams and their creativity. Well, hear what they are doing to stay creative in these unprecedented times.