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(from right) Alan James, Jo Wilkinson & Joe Goddard
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About James&Wilkinson Media

JWM enable TV and streaming companies across the Globe, to exploit the potential of their owned media space, through improving communication with audiences, developing promotional strategies, optimising media space & developing internal knowledge & capability. Ultimately our goal is to help broadcasters drive audiences to consume content, enhance their brand health and maximise revenue.

Since being established in 2011, the JWM team have worked with broadcasters across the globe, with a base in the UK, and more recently, in Singapore. The JWM team comprises of Alan James, Jo Wilkinson & Joe Goddard, each of whom have extensive ‘hands on’ experience in senior broadcast roles, including at the BBC, Sky & Viacom, as well as time spent in media agencies. Together they have more than forty-five years of experience in TV marketing & media planning.


Webinar: A Marketing Health Check: Future Proof Your Audiences & Revenues
LIVE on 9 July, Thursday, 3:00PM (IST) / 5:30PM (GMT+8)

This free interactive webinar, from JWM, will help you to assess the health of your promotional strategy and its current ability to fulfil your business and marketing goals, not only for 2020 but to ensure you are also focusing on future success.

This webinar will introduce a series of simple, but powerful exercises that help you to get a clear picture of your current strengths and gaps in your TV marketing strategy, whether linear, VOD or both. We will help you identify what you need to adjust in your promotional strategy to super serve your audiences & help to drive revenues in both the short & long term.

The ultimate aim of this webinar is to provide a framework that enables you to clearly identify how you may want to evolve your promotional strategy to ensure your future proof your audiences & revenues in a disruptive landscape.

WHO is this aimed at:

  • Senior stakeholders and decision makers in the promotional process, particularly those that are deciding what is promoted.
  • Most likely to be Heads of Marketing, On Air & Promotion.
  • May also be useful to Heads of Creative & Programming in some organisations where these teams are more active in content marketing.