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Gavin Strange

Director/ Designer
Aardman Animations


Gavin Strange is a Director and Designer for the UK’s beloved creative studio Aardman Animations. Working at Aardman for over a decade, Gavin’s creative output ranges from title sequences for the OFFF festival and Shaun the Sheep feature film, to channel idents for BBC Two and Christmas films for Fortnum & Mason. Most recently he Directed ‘Turtle Journey’, an award-winning emotional and impactful short film for Greenpeace about a family of turtles making their way home when tragedy strikes.

His work is diverse in nature but all held together of a common thread of fun and high energy. By night he goes under the alias of ‘Jamfactory’, indulging in all manner of passion projects, from filmmaking to illustration, toy design to photography and even making music under the moniker of ‘Project Toy’.

Gavin is a keynote speaker and has spoken around the world, from Mexico to Manchester, the Middle East to Munich. In 2016, after speaking at the prestigious Do Lectures, he wrote the book ‘Do Fly’, a motivational mantra published by The Do Book Co & Chronicle Books. He co-founded the contemporary design store ‘STRANGE’ with his wife Jane and even appears in CBBC’s art-themed TV show ‘Art Ninja’.

He lives in Bristol, UK with his wife Jane, their son Sullivan and their greyhound Peggy.


Virtual Session: Tryin’ to Get Ahead Before We Get a Headstone

Making the work is the easy part. Finding the time is the difficult bit. In this talk, Aardman Animations Director & Designer Gavin Strange shares his stories and methods behind getting the most out of those pesky 24 hours, conveyed via the medium of bright colours and animated GIFs. Gavin prides himself on being a “realistic idealist” or an “idealistic realist,” striking the balance between uncurbed enthusiasm and pragmatic process. Floaty sentiments aside, his presentation is about finding the energy and making the time to create things that matter. That’s something he believes applies to everyone, from student to CEO!