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Anna Godunova

Head of On-Air and Off-Air Marketing
TNT4/Match Premier


Anna Godunova has over 13 years of TV marketing experience. As a member of on-air promo teams of a number of Russia’s leading TV channels, she has worked her way up from a copywriter to the department head. Anna is currently the On-Air Promo Director of TNT4 entertainment TV channel, which has received a number of international awards in marketing. Her team can boast about 80 Promax, Golden Trailer and Clio Entertainment awards – more than any other creative TV team in Russia. For the last 5 years, they’ve been trying to prove to the whole world that creative and unorthodox on-air promotion is not only something which is reserved exclusively for the critics and promo contests, but also an effective tool of impacting the viewer’s choice.

Big Phenomenal of a Small Channel

Remember the promo from Russia that swept up multiple Promax Awards from last year? Yes, the one with snippets from different movies that run seamlessly from left to right, up-and-down and no music, only with the sound from the clips. Join Anna Godunova, Head of On-Air Promotion and Creative Director of the team that created the multiple award-winning promo as she shares their journey that led them here today.  

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