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Lee Hunt

Strategist & Industry Thought Leader
May 12, 2023

New Best Practices 2023

Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2023

Venue: Radisson Mumbai Goregaon

12.30PM IST

The battle between linear and streaming continues in this year’s New Best Practices but with new contenders and platforms: FAST channels, vMVPDs, and Connected TVs—all vying for viewers.  Lee Hunt analyses who’s doing the best job of acquiring viewers, promoting content, and keeping audiences coming back for more. We’ll review the new strategies, breakthrough tactics and first-rate creative that are re-shaping the way viewers make choices and media brands market entertainment.

About Speaker

Lee Hunt is a New York-based strategist and industry thought leader for media companies around the world. His success in launching and positioning entertainment brands, in addition to his ground-breaking work in audience management, have set many of the standards for our industry.

Lee is also editor-in-chief of CMOintelligence, the syndicated service that tracks and analyzes the on-air marketing of more than 125 linear & streaming services.



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