Marketing Workshops

Date: 12 May 2020 – Workshop 01 & 02
14 May 2020 – Workshop 03 & 04
Venue: Indian School of Design & Innovation
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Workshop 01: The Essentials of Broadcast Media Planning, Terminology and Implementation

The Aim

To equip your team with the tools, knowledge and understanding of Media Planning terminology and analyses that are essential for effective campaign planning and its implementation in both linear or VOD. The training will focus on how these can be used in everyday situations in order to more confidently & effectively manage the promotion across the media portfolio and in dealing with their internal stakeholders.

This half-day practical training workshop will include the following:

• Presentation & discussion of the meaning, interpretation and calculation of the complete range of planning and broadcast terminology and analyses

• The working through of practical examples that could be used everyday planning – both individually and together as a group

Session 1: Media Planning terminology & tools

• TVRs, Universe, share, reach, cover, unique cover, frequency, effective frequency, OTS, day-parts, conversions (indices), natural delivery, 30” equivalent TVRs, Consolidated v VOSDAL v Live

• How these may differ when using different target audiences

• Translate these terms into their ‘digital’ equivalent and show how the two can work together

Session 2: How to Create the Perfect Plan & Achieve Optimal use of Resource

• Why the creation of plans is essential to sound on-air marketing, the content, considerations, timings and structure of a plan.

• Role of other media in the campaign mix, including ‘earned and paid for’ media

• The importance of effective frequency, campaign reach and the impact they have on campaign shape selection


Workshop 02: How to Effectively Navigate and Retain Audiences During Breaks

The Aim

To equip teams with the tools, knowledge and understanding of effective break strategies to ensure that navigation opportunities across channels and platforms within a portfolio are maximised to improve audience retention and levels of ATS (Average time spent). The training will focus on how current methods can be reviewed and improved so that learnings can be put into action straight away.

This half-day practical training workshop will include the following:

• Presentation and discussion of the complete range of break navigation tools, their benefits and what types of viewers would benefit from each, including how similar tools can be adapted for VOD platforms

• How to build the perfect break using data insight

Session 1: The role of breaks and on-screen navigation

Discussion and review of the role of breaks within a broadcast portfolio, how audiences view these breaks and the tools and tricks of the trade that can be used to retain audiences in today’s world where channel zapping and time shifted content is becoming ever more dominant.

These same tools are now required within the VOD arena as well.

Session 2: How to create the most optimum break format – Using data to understand how to maximize commercial revenue across linear channels

A top line view of how commercial revenue can be maximized by understanding the most optimum break pattern, exploring different break structures, timing, programme lengths, types of messages and tools all brought together to build the ultimate perfect break.


Workshop 03: Marketing & Media Planning Strategy Workshop

The Aim

Many broadcast teams are often focused on the implementation of multiple campaigns without recognising the role for a portfolio focused & integrated promotional strategy & the impact their decisions have on this.

The workshop addresses focuses on how best to use the critical yet often under-valued ‘owned’ promotional resource, both linear or non-linear. It enables staff to strategically make more effective and efficient use of their biggest marketing resource in order to help better achieve the business objectives of their organisation as a whole.

This half-day practical training workshop will include the following:

• The formulation of marketing objectives, which are unique and appropriate to broadcast and business needs

• How to better understand the role that marketing plays in shaping the perception and success of your organisation

• How to create a prioritisation process and model that is built upon robust criteria by category to ensure effective promotional usage

Session 1: Objectives & Value of Promotion

Explore how objectives should shape your promotion & how to arrive at a promotional strategy, using a selection of different promotional models.

Session 2: Strategic Prioritisation of Marketing Content

Formulating a model that produces a hierarchy of promotional activity based upon robust criteria that have to be fulfilled to address the wider business objectives


Workshop 04: How to Adapt Marketing Principles & Techniques into the VOD world

The Aim

There is a misconception that the digital world follows its own complex rules of how to communicate to consumers. We’ll share insights and proven methods of how broadcasters are evolving their promotional activity to continue success across the landscape of both digital and linear for which customers now take for granted. We will also show examples of how rich data can be used to ensure that audience communication and time spent on platform is maximized.

This half-day practical training workshop will include the following:

• Shared insights from how sophisticated broadcasters are evolving their promotional activity to engage with audiences across all platforms

• Techniques on how to evaluate the impact of marketing activities, such as measuring viewing uplift, with ideas on how to use rich digital data to provide insight

• A showcase of the range of marketing tools that can be used to help retain audience across platforms, including some innovative ideas for the future

Session 1: How to adapt marketing techniques into the VOD world

Session includes various methods of how to maximise communication of content & platform messages to a range of different audiences, for different types of content across different platforms. It will also discuss evaluation methods of how to utilize rich digital data to provide insight.

Session 2: The more things change, the more they stay the same

This is a more discursive session about key trends & issues affecting the broadcast market including non-linear viewing and the growth in second screen usage. We will present industry research and show examples in how broadcasters are trying to keep viewers consuming their content across their entire eco system, at a time where ‘live’ viewing is in decline.