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Promax India Regional Conference & awards 2021


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There are 22 official regional languages, 121 languages and more than 19,500 mother tongues spoken in in India, which has a population of 121 crore. Across the entire media and marketing landscape in India, today, it is the regional language markets -and particularly the Tier 3 and 4 markets — that are being considered the biggest high-growth areas.

Driven by sports and news, viewership of regional channels grew from 15% in 2016 to 23% in 2019, says a recent report released by the Broadcast Research Audience Council (BARC). Many regional channels also doubled their viewership share in the same period. Thanks to the deepening digital infrastructure across Tier-II and III cities and further helped by the spike in digital consumption on account of COVID-19, pure-play regional platforms are seeing a significant traction.


The Power, Potential, Appeal and the Future of regional-language content is a magnet to empower brands and acquire customers in the high-growth markets. Multiple regional platforms are wooing India’s audiences with original, local, and culture-specific content. The pandemic-induced lockdown opened up growth avenues in video-streaming like never before, and experts believe India’s OTT industry has the potential to become the world’s sixth largest by 2024. Come hear from the experts as they share their views on the rise of ever better quality of content creation and consumption in regional languages across the country.










Regional content’s growth story is shaping India’s entertainment landscape while consumption patterns of consumers are evolving. What are the strategic priorities to create and engage with the community? Watch them as they uncover the latest trends and unfold the new set of rules in the regional story of Media & Entertainment.


The Indian entertainment industry witnessed revolutionary changes as OTT platforms gained massive popularity among audiences. Content has been the driving force behind audience engagement and finally, the revenue that fuels media organisations. Come witness a free-wheeling chat amongst the three most prominent leaders in their networks discussing trends, creative styles, storytelling, innovation and strategy for the diverse representation of their platforms.





Leveraging the great strength of India being a multilingual country with a large number of vernacular languages, the Indian market, over the past decade, has shown immense love for regional content in the nation – so much so, that the contribution of regional languages to overall monetisation for the platforms has grown from 13% to 30% in just the last one year. Solutions being used by brands include cross-format content creation in regional languages, influencer marketing and geography- and communities-specific digital activation, Let us hear some of the best custodians and enablers of regional content (creation) promotion and monetization  share interesting insights on how Brand and Marketing has helped promote regional content in India.