1 October 2019 through 31 December 2020

WHO Can Enter?

Entrant can represent the client, vendor or their agent; there is no stipulation in any category regarding the entrant so long as the work was aired, broadcasted, published or released for the India Market or commissioned by India-based companies. The entrant can be within or outside of these markets so long that the work itself was released or aired in the India Market. The same criteria apply for all eligible materials for entry.

WHAT Can Be Entered?

Only non-English and non-Hindi materials.

Original production must be in a language other than English or Hindi unless specifically indicated otherwise in the category description.

Please refer to the technical specifications within this document and at promaxindia.tv regarding materials for submission and refer to the eligibility dates and categories for all qualification details.


  • Regional gold winners are automatically entered FOC to compete in the national awards under the same or similar category in which they won.
  • ALL relevant permissions and copyrights are assumed to be cleared by the entrant.
  • In the event that any individual category attracts fewer than 4 entries, the organizer reserves the right to withdraw that category from the competition. In this event, the participating companies will receive a credit towards future entry fees. No cash refund will be given.
  • The award statues to be given for the 2021 award season will be gold and silver only.
  • If – in any category – entries do not meet the standard deemed award worthy by the jury, it is possible that there will be no awards given in that category. Equally, if in any category an entry meets, for example, the silver standard but not the gold standard, it is possible that there will only be a silver award given in a category.
  • Promax will not be responsible for the holding of any materials submitted after the awards period has ended. Such materials will not be returned. All submissions become the property of Promax to be used at their discretion.
  • The organizers reserve the right to add, subtract, amend or otherwise revise any category during the course of the competition. Notice and updates of revisions will be posted on our website.
  • TRANSLATION: Due to the international composition of our judging panels, we must request that ALL entries provide English translations/subtitles for judging purposes, this includes all videos and printed materials.
  • Ready to submit your entries? Visit our website at promaxindia.tv or refer to our Quick-Start guide for step-by-step instructions.

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