Digital Prophet

“Artist, globe trotting speaker and market seeker, he is a storyteller who identifies emerging trends, and inspires clients to think differently.” – Forbes

David Shing (known as “Shingy”) is an Australian futurist, speaker, creative director, strategic digital consultant, and entrepreneur. Known for his performative persona and his bold and polarizing moniker, the digital prophet, Shingy is a multidimensional creative who specializes in advising clients about inventive and effective approaches to optimizing brand value within the digital landscape. He is passionate about educating big brands about the unique opportunities afforded by emerging digital, social and mobile technologies.

Shing has spent most of his adult life in the digital world working for both large and small creative companies globally, while also co-authoring several technology related patents. He previously served as Verizon Media’s digital prophet and prior to that, AOL’s European head of media and marketing responsible for 11 countries.

The Connected Human

This period in time has shown that more people are becoming connected to themselves and to the world. We are no longer just thumbing through life but yearning for deeper, more authentic connections. However, can we embrace a more humanized experience where intention is the new currency measured beyond time and engagement particularly now as we are in a world where over 6 billion smartphones occupy our visual attention? But we are quickly evolving to include other senses that aren’t limited to AR, VR, MR, or RR. So how are we going to adapt and reinvent in a world of these new interfaces? A place where sight is now joined with sound and motion? Welcome to hearable, feelable and wearable technology—powered by data, intelligence, sensors and more. How does this impact consumer behavior and ensure this helps make us more human and how is it that possible with the rate of change in technology?


Lee Hunt
Strategist & Industry thought leader

Lee Hunt is a New York-based strategist and industry thought leader for media companies around the world. His success in launching and positioning entertainment brands, in addition to his ground-breaking work in audience management, have set many of the standards for our industry.

Lee is also editor-in-chief of CMOintelligence, the syndicated service that tracks and analyzes the on-air marketing of more than 125 linear & streaming services.

New Best Practices

The battle between linear and streaming continues in this year’s New Best Practices but with new contenders and platforms: FAST channels, vMVPDs, and Connected TVs—all vying for viewers.  Lee Hunt analyses who’s doing the best job of acquiring viewers, promoting content, and keeping audiences coming back for more. We’ll review the new strategies, breakthrough tactics and first-rate creative that are re-shaping the way viewers make choices and media brands market entertainment.


Tamagna Ghosh
A visionary leader in entertainment marketing and content production

Tamagna, the Managing Director, APAC, at Trailer Park Group, is a visionary leader in Hollywood’s top-rated entertainment marketing and content production. With expertise in strategy, creativity, and a deep understanding of the entertainment landscape, he spearheads groundbreaking campaigns that redefine audience engagement for entertainment IPs.

Tamagna’s marketing background and passion for the industry position him as an expert on developing innovative strategies and staying ahead of emerging trends and consumer preferences in an ever-evolving industry. Under his leadership, the agency consistently delivers inventive marketing solutions, fostering strong relationships with film production houses, music labels, and streaming platforms.

Tamagna’s strategic acumen and digital expertise fuel the agency’s growth and competitive advantage. Beyond professional achievements, he nurtures young talent and cultivates a culture of creativity and collaboration, mentoring aspiring marketers to think outside the box.

Driven by excellence and an unwavering commitment to exceptional results, Tamagna continues to shape the future of entertainment marketing in India and APAC. His visionary leadership and relentless pursuit of innovation solidify his reputation as an industry trailblazer.

World Gold

Our ever-popular “World Gold” slot showcases this year’s incredible crop of Promax gold winners in design and promotion. Be prepared to be inspired by works across Asia, Africa, Australia, America, and Europe. Don’t miss this invaluable opportunity to see what’s happening out there!

Sudipto Saha
Associate Director, PwC

Sudipto is an Associate Director in PwC India working in the area of advanced analytics. He has a bachelor’s degree in computer science engineering and MBA from NMIMS, Mumbai. He has 11+ years of experience leading projects and programs in the areas of statistical modeling, machine learning, AI, and exploratory data analysis for industry sectors which include Telecom, Media, Technology, and Consumer Products and Goods.

He has worked on a variety of consulting engagements and has effectively led various analytics programs  collaborating with specialists from different functional areas. His key skills include understanding business challenges through meetings and workshops with various stakeholders, capturing as-is and to-be scenarios, and proposing suitable analytics driven solutions. He has hands-on experience in managing programs in the areas of advanced analytics, creating analytics roadmaps, delivering and evaluating statistical/analytics models to address the business challenges.

Some of his key experiences include:

  • Leading district level customer affinity analytics for a leading GEC
  • Program manager for PwC Integrated Solutions – Front Office Transformation (FOT) for B2B, B2C customers in Telecom, Media and Technology
  • Analytics Program Manager for sales & marketing transformation for a global food & beverages company

Viewer insights: connecting deeper with your audience

The session would highlight the importance of knowing the viewers of TV channels and digital medium better and how data, analytics and AI can be leveraged to gain deeper insights about the viewers.

The session would begin with a brief introduction of the changing Media & Entertainment industry landscape, highlighting emerging trends and the importance and benefits of knowing the viewers better. This would be followed by a case study on survey / market analytics performed for a regional GEC. The case study would highlight areas such as approaching the problem, envisaged benefits and how a repeatable framework for gauging viewer insights has been put in place for the GEC. We would discuss how data & analytics was leveraged to gain insights into the viewership patterns, competitor positioning, content and channel preference, content level traction etc. It also highlights how hyperlocal analysis of customer behavior and competitor analysis provide insights to the sales, marketing, and content creation teams for better decision making.

We conclude by touching upon the advancement in AI and the use cases of generative AI for Entertainment & Media from both a tactical and strategic perspective and then open the floor to the audience for questions and answers.


Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2023

Venue: Radisson Mumbai Goregaon

10:00 AM Networking Brunch
11:30 AM Promax India Conference 2023 opens
11:45 AM New Best Practice 2023
By Lee Hunt
12:30 PM World Gold
By Tamagna Ghosh
1:15 PM Viewer Insights: Connecting Deeper with Your Audience
By Sudipto Saha
1:45 PM The Connected Human
By Shingy
2:30 PM Pre-Awards Cocktail
3:15 PM Promax India Awards Show 2023
Hosted by REDFM RJ Rocky & PJ Purdo



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