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Stefan Mueller

Executive Creative Producer & Consultant
Flint Skallen


Although Stefan Mueller started his professional career in a totally different direction, film, design and media became his passion. While studying computer science and economics in the early 80-ties his best friend asked him to help him on a short feature film. This project changed his life. Parallel to his studies he started 1985 to work in the field of feature short and long films.

1987 he founded his first company with German well know feature film director Sönke Wortmann, stepping into the fields of commercials in 1989.

1994 he left the company and set up Flint Skallen to work in other film and design related fields like on-air-design, set design, art installations, interior desing, media-tecture and so called “special solution design projects”

Mueller is recognized for building and managing creative teams and leading successful design projects for international clients and across divers creative faculties.

He has worked as producer, development producer or executive producer on around 45 short and long feature film projects. Some of them have been awarded with the German Film Prize and several international nominations and awards, among them the Oscar nomination for “Beyond Silence” in the category “Best Foreign Film”.

He has developed and produced award winning commercials, image films, brand campaigns & designs and studio sets for a wide range of clients including Al Jazeera, ZDF, CCTV, Lufthansa, Lexus, Nickelodeon, Canon, Coca Cola, Burger King, Sony Music.


Session: Chicken & Duck: Bridging the Cultural & Creative Differences

What do people fear most when faced with something foreign? Is it the cultural differences themselves or the need to change and adapt to the unfamiliar? How would you bridge the cultural and creative divide that naturally exists between an Asian broadcaster and foreign agencies?

As a European agency working with clients and projects from around the world, there are two fundamental values Flint Skallen abide by – mutual respect and openness. Only with these guiding principles can we overcome the challenges and translate the differences into a creative masterpiece.

This session will showcase Asian-based projects done by 3 different team configurations: A purely European. A purely Asian team; and a third comprising of a mix of the 2 cultures. Stefan explores the different approaches taken by each team and how they overcome these cultural differences.