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Richard Holman

Thinker, Writer & Speaker on Creativity


Richard is an internationally renowned thinker, writer and speaker on the creative process. Before taking to the road to inspire people and brands to have better ideas, Richard was the ECD of a creative & design studio building brands like the BBC, Canal+, Sky, Discovery, Nat Geo and ITV. His greatest pleasure is to be at home among the hills of South Wales with his family. A close second is making great work with great people.


Boot Camp
Full-Day Workshop: Creative Rocket Fuel with Richard Holman

A day of inspiration, edification and enrichment, curated by award winning creative director and expert on creative thinking, Richard Holman, with one aim – to bring joy to the hearts of promo makers and designers.

Over the course of the day you’ll get to the heart of what makes a great idea great; you’ll learn how to find your own creative state of mind; you’ll discover 20 different creative strategies you can employ to make your work stand out; you’ll get the inside track on some of the most provocative, inspirational and genre busting campaigns of the moment; and you’ll get to grips with making the right kind of mistakes.

This energetic & entertaining seminar will invigorate seniors and juniors alike … putting a spring back in the step of the most jaded old hand, as well as exciting those starting out about the extraordinary possibilities ahead.

Bring a note book, a pencil and a very open mind.