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Pete Bishop

The Shop


Pete has directed commercials Coca-Cola, Duracell and other leading brands and has created idents and broadcast design for amongst others MTV America, Hallmark, Sc-FI Channel, Nickelodeon, Disney, Star TV and Channel [V]. His Car Horn Orchestra live action ident shot in India for Channel [V] won a World Gold Promax award.

Pete directed and co-created the HOW TO DESTROY THE WORLD shorts for the Discovery Channel which have won awards in 2009 at Annecy, Krok, Promax NY and HAFF and were screened at over 30 festivals.

Other work includes shorts for Greenpeace and Babelgum, three TV series, Captain Star, Speriks and Bromwell High and was regular contributors to Stevens cartoon strip in the Guardian newspaper, also as the Director of Animation at National Theatre on ‘England People Very Nice’, a new play by Richard Bean directed by Nicholas Hytner which had its sell out run extended twice, Pete’s Animation and set design was nominated for an Olivier Award in 2010.

‘Nootopia’ a TV series created by Steven Appleby, Frank Cottrell Boyce and Pete is currently in development at the BBC with Canadian co-producers.

Pete is Associate Lecturer in animation at University of Central Lancashire, Visiting lecturer at both Central St Martins and the Royal College of Art London.


The Time [V]achine

Once upon a time, long before our collective lives were ruined by smart phones, there was a thing called television. And it was a beautiful thing. Glorious as a matter of fact. It was a magic box that people came to, instead of taking with them. This box had existed for years and years, but had become bland and stale. Then one day, a bunch of people got together and said “Why does the box have to be bland and stale? Why can’t it be fun and weird and silly?” And they looked up to their high master guru meditating on the hood of his Pejero pretending it to be a mountain top and said unto him “Mr Gosh! What shall we do?” He looked down upon the crowd of young minds eager for entertainment, slowly raised his right hand revealing what seemed to be a peace symbol and said “Mind It!”

With these two simple words, a revolution was born. A revolution that changed the world forever. For the better. For a while.

In this full day seminar, you’ll be with three dashing young men who were there at the start. And the middle. Then left. But kept in touch until the end. Anyway, the lessons they learned along the way they have applied to other media, taught to young eager minds and will be sharing with you all day. This is going to be one of those rare things like when all the stars line up just right and the heavens open to reveal an ultimate battle between good and evil that will affect our very existence. Except for the ultimate battle part.

Come. It will be fun. And you might learn something. Up to you. But come.


Panel Session: Both Sides Now: Network vs Vendor

Together with Bex Schwartz, Glenn Urquhart, Rob Middleton, Sheetal Sudhir and Tim Horwood.

Network promo teams know their brand inside and out. Vendors pitch their network clients hoping to create content that brings those brands to life. What are the differences between life at a network and life as a vendor? How can networks best communicate to vendors, and how can vendors win the pitch? At this roundtable discussion, we’ll look at the promo life from both sides now. As a network promo person, learn how to craft the best brief possible to make sure your vendors deliver what you want. As a vendor, learn how to do the deepest dive into your client’s brand. And of course, seasoned Promax speakers will duke it out to answer the age-old question: is it better to work at a network or at a vendor? The grass is always greener …