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Ivor Crotty

Deputy Creative & Innovations Director


Ivor Crotty’s experience working in Dutch factories in the 1990’s spurred him to study sociology, where he graduated with a first class MA from University College Cork, Ireland in 2000. Ivor taught sociology at UCC, then in Lviv, Ukraine in 2003/4 and then worked as an investigative journalist with the Dublin-based Centre for Public Inquiry. Ivor moved to Moscow in 2006 where he worked with the news agency RIA Novosti, in mobile advertising with Gigafone and then with RT. He became head of Social Media for the network in 2012, leading group relations with Silicon Valley, and set-up the RT Digital reporting and UGC verification team in 2015. As Deputy Creative & Innovations Director, Ivor combines brand storytelling and outreach with newsroom skillsets and workflows in a constantly changing digital market. He has worked on multiple prize-winning projects including #1917LIVE, #Romanovs100 & #FansEyeView, a World Cup storytelling platform. He enjoys telling stories building bridges.


Session: Russian Revolutions: Disrupting Digital to Build Brands

We’ll take a close look at prize-winning work – from Promax prizes to multi-award winning immersive storytelling that gives history a second, digital life using a methodology now celebrated by historians, researchers, journalists and marketeers. Oh yes and there’s audience too. This is the story of building brand by stepping outside your comfort zone and bringing immersive storytelling to a market demanding innovation with integrity.