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Dot Lung

Mother of Social Media Dragons


Dot Lung (龍道帝), aka The Mother of Social Media Dragons, was born & raised in Los Angeles and is now based in the Mediterranean between beautiful Barcelona & sunny Tel Aviv serving creative businesses world-wide. She helps creators develop growth strategies to maximize the power of their global social media presence and increase the success of their online marketing efforts. Having worked on cross-cultural campaigns in dozens of countries, she’s behind the launch of Instagram accounts and social media campaigns for the world’s most recognized new media design brands: Digital Design Days, Motionographer, F5 New York, OFFF Barcelona, Ladies Wine & Design, Sónar+D & Off Sónar. She’s led international campaigns and global digital strategy with brands like Volkswagen, SEAT, Mattel, Fisher-Price, OCB and many more. In her free time, she teaches her “DRAGON’S Formula” for social media growth at Universities & conferences across Europe and speaks on stages like DDD, OFFF, PromaxBDA, VidCon, Social Media Week, Startup Grind,, FuckUpNights & UsByNight! Her favorite social media network is Instagram!


Boot Camp
Instagram Bootcamp with The Mother of Social Media Dragons —
Sharpen your skills in IG Bootcamp and learn to impress Millennials & Gen Zers!

Learn the latest and greatest on Instagram Marketing and learn how to become a social media dragon.

Whether you’re a social media beginner, community manager, or a digital influencer, you’ll learn how to hack the Instagram Algorithm by applying “The D.R.A.G.O.N’s Formula” for organic growth and community building!

Unlock Instagram secrets and up-level your campaign with the secret DRAGON’s Formula


Session: Everything you need to know about Facebook 360° and Facebook AR

Today it’s more important than ever for brands to create memorable interactive experiences with their fans to make a lasting impression. Learn about the latest in Interactive and Immersive Media and stay on top of what’s happening in SocialVR & AR with the Mother of Social Media Dragons!