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Arnab Chaudhuri



Arnab Chaudhuri is the director of the 2012 Indian Disney animated feature ‘Arjun the warrior prince’.

He has been in the media industry for over 20 years and has worked for various brands in that period including Channel [V], Cartoon Network, Pogo and the Walt Disney company in roles ranging from intern to managing director. He is currently running his own production shop, Banabo.


The Time [V]achine

Once upon a time, long before our collective lives were ruined by smart phones, there was a thing called television. And it was a beautiful thing. Glorious as a matter of fact. It was a magic box that people came to, instead of taking with them. This box had existed for years and years, but had become bland and stale. Then one day, a bunch of people got together and said “Why does the box have to be bland and stale? Why can’t it be fun and weird and silly?” And they looked up to their high master guru meditating on the hood of his Pejero pretending it to be a mountain top and said unto him “Mr Gosh! What shall we do?” He looked down upon the crowd of young minds eager for entertainment, slowly raised his right hand revealing what seemed to be a peace symbol and said “Mind It!”

With these two simple words, a revolution was born. A revolution that changed the world forever. For the better. For a while.

In this full day seminar, you’ll be with three dashing young men who were there at the start. And the middle. Then left. But kept in touch until the end. Anyway, the lessons they learned along the way they have applied to other media, taught to young eager minds and will be sharing with you all day. This is going to be one of those rare things like when all the stars line up just right and the heavens open to reveal an ultimate battle between good and evil that will affect our very existence. Except for the ultimate battle part.

Come. It will be fun. And you might learn something. Up to you. But come.