Timmy Fisher

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Timmy Fisher has been working for 18 years non-stop after starting up MK12, a studio collective on The MidCoast, in Kansas City, MO with his good friends from art school. For a kid from Topeka, KS, he’s seen some things. He’s told some stories, learned some stuff and made a ton of mistakes. But through all the years of projects he’s worked on and the people he’s met- both good and bad, all the places and cultures he’s got to see (so far) and the thoughts, interactions and memories made throughout has made him a better artist, collaborator and person. But he couldn’t do it alone. He’s nothing without his fellow MK12ers. They are a collective. They share a hive mind, like honey bees. Bees. Maybe MK12 should be a cult. Are they a cult? Have you filled out their survey? They’d really like you to come to a meeting and talk about your feelings...

Timmy & MK12 like to say that their work “constantly challenges the boundaries between narrative structure and experimental storytelling via juxtapositions of live action, graphic design, nostalgic influence and new technologies.”

That shit sounds smart, yeah? Thank you, art school critiques.

In other words, they like to make stuff move. They make commercials and broadcast and brand things for brands and corporations and networks. They’ve made some music videos over the years. MK12 really enjoys animating VFX work or UI/UX for films such as Particle Fever, Equals or Operator. And they really dig directing and animating title sequences for feature films such as Stranger Than Fiction, The Kite Runner, Quantum Of Solace or the just released documentary Under The Gun.

But most of all, Timmy and MK12 like creating their own work. Their experimental & short films have been featured in many galleries, international film festivals and exhibitions over the years, including Sundance, Slamdance, South by Southwest, the Sao Paulo Biennial, the Zurich Design Museum, Montreal Film Festival, Art Basel, and Prix Ars Electronica, amongst others.  MK12’s film, Overload — a collaboration with NY-based painter Brian Alfred — was inducted into the Guggenheim’s permanent collection.

Timmy loves doing this shit. He loves doing this shit together with his collaborators. And that’s their plan for the future and beyond. Create stuff until they fucking can’t. Whether they like it or not. Until someone stops them. Until they’re dead.

Otherwise, what’s the point of it all?



TV is in chaos...and that's wonderful. No matter what your bosses say, while we're moving from broadcast to streaming, people just don't care. They don't care about your channel, they care about shows. They don't care about what screen it's on, they just care how they can get them. They don't care about navigating your epg or app, they just care about experiencing the content where and when they want. And to make it even more fun, viewers don't have to go to the content anymore...the mountain now comes to Mohammed with friend suggestions, algorithms, play-next autoplay. All of which makes the job of the promo producer one of the most important in all of tv land. Really.

Your promo is what entices, teases, and rubs rudely against all those potential viewers on a variety of different platforms more than ever before. And while all those different platforms have different viewer experiences and expectations, your super skills will be able to adapt or reinterpret your sexy message for any medium. But first, you'll need a sexy message to begin with. And we've got two of the industry's sexiest icons to help sex up what it is you need to do. Did I mention sex yet?

While Rob and Timmy may be from opposite ends of the planet, they share a drunken belief system in doing the best damn job you can with what you've got. Rob's a promo guy....Tim's a creative god. And between their day's efforts with you, you will either come away completely satisfied...or so hot and bothered you'll want to slide right back into promo job as fast and hard as possible.


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