Rob Middleton

VP, Network Presentation Content Group

Rob is a bit of a weirdo. But a mostly harmless one. True, there was that time in Taiwan a couple years back but the damage wasn’t permanent and they ended up dropping the charges anyway. In the right environment, under the right circumstances, he can actually be quite pleasant to be with. Usually that means in a pub when it’s your round.

He’s been doing this kind of thing for quite some time now and seems to know his stuff. And he will be bringing a massive hard disk full of great spots from around the world and probably from across time. There are worse things to spend your company’s hard earned money on.



TV is in chaos...and that's wonderful. No matter what your bosses say, while we're moving from broadcast to streaming, people just don't care. They don't care about your channel, they care about shows. They don't care about what screen it's on, they just care how they can get them. They don't care about navigating your epg or app, they just care about experiencing the content where and when they want. And to make it even more fun, viewers don't have to go to the content anymore...the mountain now comes to Mohammed with friend suggestions, algorithms, play-next autoplay. All of which makes the job of the promo producer one of the most important in all of tv land. Really.

Your promo is what entices, teases, and rubs rudely against all those potential viewers on a variety of different platforms more than ever before. And while all those different platforms have different viewer experiences and expectations, your super skills will be able to adapt or reinterpret your sexy message for any medium. But first, you'll need a sexy message to begin with. And we've got two of the industry's sexiest icons to help sex up what it is you need to do. Did I mention sex yet?

While Rob and Timmy may be from opposite ends of the planet, they share a drunken belief system in doing the best damn job you can with what you've got. Rob's a promo guy....Tim's a creative god. And between their day's efforts with you, you will either come away completely satisfied...or so hot and bothered you'll want to slide right back into promo job as fast and hard as possible.


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