Paul Weyland

Paul Weyland Communication Strategies

Paul Weyland is an international speaker, marketing, branding and sales strategist, consultant, trainer, author and university lecturer.

Paul started in the late 1970s as an on-air radio personality and then made a name for himself speaking to and working in executive-level positions in the television and radio business. Among his experiences was a three-year assignment managing and training overseas broadcasters in Prague, Geneva and London. In 2000 he started his own marketing and consulting business.

His speaking style is described as "dynamic," "inspirational," "engaging" and "hysterically funny." His humor and real-world experience combine to create relevant tools that people and organizations can implement immediately to increase their bottom lines. Paul keeps his audience on the edge of their seats, laughing until their faces hurt and the makeup is running down their cheeks.




The local broadcast sales story has grown old and moldy. Local direct decision makers are tired of hearing about your station, your ratings, your “packages,” and why you’re better than your competitor. What these clients need right now are ideas that will make their cash registers ring.

In this information-packed super session, Paul Weyland shows attendees how to wow local direct decision makers with the best creative ideas they have NEVER heard. “To Sell the Truth” is the new way to prove to clients beyond a shadow of a doubt that your idea for their success is better than theirs.

Besides creative, Paul will give you a formula so that you can establish better budget requests that your client will agree is fair. And, because this is a Paul Weyland session, you will laugh until your cheeks hurt and the makeup is running down your face.


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