Hari Krishnan

Founder - Director

Hari has a strong advertising background, having worked for almost 25 years across several creative and media agencies at leadership level. He has played a key role in the journeys of several large-scale brands in India such as Samsung, PepsiCo, Nestle, Nokia and Ford, to name a few.

Either by coincidence or by design, he has often found himself partnering brands at their critical points of inflexion – e.g. Nestle and the Maggi comeback; Samsung’s exponential market share and touch-point growth; Ford’s disruptive category creation with Eco-Sport and Pepsi’s resurgence post the pesticide controversy.

He attributes a large part of these brands’ success to disruptive content ideas – whether tailoring and serving content for strong ‘loyalty pockets’ for Maggi’s comeback using social platforms or choosing product discovery content over traditional advertising for Ford Eco Sport.

CultureDrum will partner brands to create new ideas in content and platforms and create deeper, relevant engagement.



First you ignored them, then you found them somewhat intriguing, and now you’ve really taken notice—whether in fear, appreciation or some mix of both. The disruptors that have slowly infiltrated the comfy space once held solely by traditional TV networks are here to stay. So, what does that mean to the creative-job landscape? Just who are your next clients and employers, now that content has a whole new “dating field” of digital players? We're putting faces to the names behind some of today’s biggest disruptors in this relevant, interactive session you won’t want to miss. Using a rapid-fire, interactive format, we’ll give our panel of new-media mavens the platform to introduce their capabilities, content and culture. We will give creative, clear examples of the types of positions and skill sets necessary to thrive in this brave new world, whether you remain a competitor or future team member of one of these new services.


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